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Making of

Here in our "Making of" you'll find all the people who took part in creating this site. Many thanks, folks!

If you flip to the next page, you'll find details about how this site actually works. The classic "Making of".
Thomas Holz
...Idea, Graphics, Story,
Html, Perl, Javascript
Charles Anton
Robert Kleinert, Thomas Häuser, Annette Peters, Thomas Friedmann
Thorsten Columbo, Michael Durrer, Oliver Faessler, Christiane Hayn, Michaela Nahr, Jens Neumann, Axel Ricken, Martin Roeth, Torsten Rudolf, Ralf Stauder, Daniel Strüber
Cliff Perry, Torbjørn G. Dahle, Talicca
...English Version Test
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Hints about copyright and partnersites! Background information, images and reports. Only for the press! Do you want to get a mail, if there are any news? An impossible murder. How could the killer escape? Can you catch him?